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Spacershop.com was born in 2019 but its story begins in 2013, when Giacomo Pinzoni, mechanical engineer and partner of Girol srl, created the spacer on the steering wheel. His experience began in 2005 with various tasks in Girol srl.

Born in 2019

But since 2013, the Steering wheel spacer was created and produced within the company Girol srl by Giacomo Pinzoni, Mechanical Engineer He is a partner in the same family business as Girol, in which, since graduating in 2005, he has carried out almost all the company’s tasks: technical designer, warehouseman, assembler, CNC operator, workshop manager and project manager.

The Passion for machines, sporty and vintage, the love for driving in all its forms and for the Modifying Cars, led to the invention of the steering wheel spacer (nicknamed “hub”); while the technical-work experience and the entrepreneurial mentality gained in the field have allowed it to be Managed right from the start as a Quality industrial product.

Development of steering wheel spacers

From the very first spacer on the steering wheel, the production method already tested for all other Girol products in production for decades was followed:

01. Design with Solidworks 3D software

Our process begins with an accurate design, made with the powerful 3D Solidworks software.

02. Elaboration of technical drawing with Autocad

After design, the next step is to process the technical drawings using Autocad.

03. Production of the first prototypes

Once the technical drawings are completed, we enter the production phase of the first prototypes.

04. Assembly & Installation Testing

Before we make Spacershop steering wheel spacers available to the public, we carry out rigorous assembly and installation tests.

03. Car Testing

Finally, before putting the steering wheel spacers on the market, we test them on real vehicles. We use various makes and models of cars to ensure that the spacers fit snugly and maintain safety standards. This ensures that every Spacershop spacer offers reliable performance and a better riding position.

The growth of Spacershop in the world

After this, things came by themselves: from Car Enthusiasts, attending gatherings, forum, and social media, both Italian and English, has inevitably brought the spacer at the wheel to the knowledge of people, who sharing the same need to have a car that is more comfortable and fun to drive, prompted us to expand the range.

Having since the age of 11 traveled all over the world (accompanying my father on business trips) and mastering the English language, has certainly helped to gain the trust of foreign markets, and after a few years the production of the steering wheel spacer began to interfere a lot with the ordinary production of the Girol.

We therefore decided to set up our own business and dedicate ourselves to this product and to the tuning – automotive world. We have therefore replicated the industrial reality from which we come, the small and medium-sized Italian family business, adapting it to the production of steering wheel spacers and to the automotive sector.

The new headquarters of Spacershop

Spacershop now has its own headquarters, equipped with a warehouse, workshop, technical office and administration.

In the technical office we design the steering wheel spacers and other products, using Solidworks, Autocad and with the help of rapid prototyping using a 3D printer.

For the design we work directly on the cars on which our product is intended.

We procure all the original spare parts with which the steering wheel spacer interfaces: the steering wheel, the column and the light switch. These are used to make the first measurements and to check that the spacer on the steering wheel mounts correctly and comfortably (for those who install it) on the car.

From the same technical department, with the CAD CAM software, we plan the production and write the ISO programs for our DOOSAN CNC twin-spindle lathe with driven tools.
The materials used are always aluminum 6026 or 7075-T6 (Ergal) and C45 steel purchased new in bars from local metal suppliers, complete with a CE quality certificate that certifies their chemical composition and production process.

The production is destined for the warehouse, to always have all the items ready for sale through e-commerce and our network of retailers.

We always produce everything in batches, never single pieces. There is no convenience in producing individual parts and with series production we always ensure quality, a relatively low price for the end customer and ready (or short-sighted) availability in stock. The assembly area is adjacent to the warehouse (to avoid long handling of parts), and each product is assembled last-minute before being shipped. The warehouse is the beating heart of the company and contains not only the products, but also the equipment, steering wheels, prototypes, advertising material. Everything is organized and tidy to be found immediately and used when needed.

What services do we offer to our customers?

We assist you in every step of the assembly, with written or video documentation. If your car is not in our price list, we build steering wheel spacers on request.

Fast Shipping

We ship all over the world, fast and safe. We send you the tracking code.


If you have any doubts or questions when you receive your part, we assist you in assembling.

100% Quality

Our products are made of the same material that our parent companies use.

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